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Bully B'ware Productions - take action against bullying

Cindi is an Educator, and Author, a Public Speaker and a Trained Facilitator. She has spent her career in education passionately focussed on building safe, caring school communities for students and teachers.

After researching causes and repercussions of bullying with some of the world’s leading researchers, Cindi put her energies into developing an anti bullying program “Take Action Against Bullying” which includes an award winning teaching video for students.

More recently Cindi has shifted her approach to the problem of bullying in schools and focussed on proactive, preventative approaches to building safe and caring learning communities. She has been keynote and guest speaker in several community conferences, both nationally and internationally, as well as an invited expert on news programs and talk shows.

She has taught and been Principal at all levels of education and currently works with at risk students at the Secondary level. Cindi’s approach to working with communities is based on making strong connections with community members and building on the community’s positive assets.

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